About Us

Program Goals

  • Encourage children to lead healthy, active and fit lifestyles.
  • Teaching the important values of discipline, accountability, responsibility, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Instilling the importance of academic education an success.
  • Develop program participants capacity to be self sufficient and make informed life decisions.

Higher Standards

At HAHA we believe that our student athletes are the future, therefore we hold all our student athletes to high standards academically. Setting high standards allows for our student athletes to further their progress academically, interpersonally and as an athlete.
Playing and participating in sports is a privilege to be earned and not given. We encourage our parents to let the coach know the progress of the student in school.  This allows HAHA to complete our mission by supporting our student athletes in achieving success.


His and Hers staff are also held to a higher standards of providing quality coaching and mentorship. Coaches and support staff are mandated to complete consistent training, workshops, research and coaching clinics in an effort to maximize the knowledge of our staff in the base of sports, child development and education. Training will include but not limited to : First Aid/ Aed & Cpr, group facilitation, behavior management, de-escalating conflict & resolution, peer mediation, NYS Mandated Reporter and Child Abuse training .


Founder & CEO

            Head Coach

  • Over 10 yrs experience coaching.
  • Over 5 yrs training Athletes in Multi Sports
  • Over 15 yrs playing experience


Vice President/CEO

Head Coach

  • Over 5 yrs Coaching experience in Multiple Sports
  • Over 5 yrs training experience in Mutiple Sports
  •  Coached and trained in taiwan.
  • Over 15 yrs Playing in experience in Multiple Sports.